Rubamazzo HD

4.4 ( 654 ratings )
Jeux Divertissement Carte Jeux éducatifs
Développeur Roberto Fraboni
0.99 USD

After the great success of Briscola, scopa and Tressette for iPhone and Briscola HD, Scopa HD, Tressette HD for iPad, we are pleased to present Rubamazzo HD for iPad.

Because of its simplicity is one of the first games of cards that we learn as children.

4 different types of challenge:
- Against the Computer
- One against an iPhone on the same
- One on one local network via Wi-Fi
- One on one via bluetooth

2 variants of play:
- Single Socket
- Taking multiple

All 16 original decks of cards DalNegro (kindly granted by Teodomiro DalNegro Spa)
2 bunches already inside the
- Napoletane
- Piacentini

14 packs downloadable from the internet, for free, with a simple Tap:
- Bergamasche
- Bolognesi
- Bresciane
- Genoa
- Milanesi
- Piemontesi
- Poker (French)
- Romagnole
- Sarde
- Siciliane
- Toscane
- Trentine
- Triestina
- Trevisan

3 levels of difficulty, with a nice graphics and great ease of use.

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